Thursday, May 8, 2008


‘Toronto school board trustees will vote on a plan later this month to open an Africentric alternative high school in 2010.
The motion was approved last night by a school board committee as an extension of a proposal to open an Africentric alternative school from kindergarten to Grade 5 in September 2009. The high school program could be located in an unused part of an under enrolled high school.’

How on earth am I supposed to raise my son with the understanding that all people are equal, the same and should be treated as such if crap like this keeps happening! In my view this is just a step backwards.

Ryerson Professor Grace-Edward Galabuzi said while critics say Africentric schooling smacks of segregation, "it would be a way to actually integrate them – substantively – by providing an education that reflects their social and cultural realities."’(

How is separating someone from the mainstream of society and teaching them about how they are so different going to enforce the thought that we should all be seen as the same regardless of race, religion or sex? How is segregation a form of integration? Can some of the curriculum that they are wanting to teach not be brought into the schools that already exist as an elective or even part of the regular curriculum? I mean, we already have dropped the Lord's Prayer, taken out Christmas and Hallow e'en celebrations from our schools so that 'we' don't offend anyone and/or their religion. What more are 'we' going to do? Quite frankly I'm appalled by the thought and am frightened for my child's future!. How can you embrace and learn about the world if you are separated from it?

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myra said...

preach it sister!!! why stop here? we could need 100's of special schools.

Tracy said...

I know! Just where do we draw the line?