Friday, May 9, 2008

It's and ouchie day....

Poor little man is not feeling very well today. He has a fever. He has a headache. He’s cranky…. He wants to play on the computer!

Nothing tugs at your heart strings like your munchkin feeling ill. Thankfully I have groceries in the house and keep the first aid cupboard properly stocked with things for bumps, bruises, headaches and tummy ouchies. Little man’s day will be spent on the couch, all curled up and snuggled in. My day will be spent housecleaning and worrying about what may be causing his upset.

Lots of fruit, cheese and crackers on the menu (just ‘cuz he doesn’t like chicken soup!) and hopefully with a lot of rest and some mommie-love, he’ll be good as new by tomorrow…
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