Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Summer's Coming !!!!!!

I know that it’s only the beginning of May, but I have to prepare for the summer. You would not believe the competition and shortage of room in camps these days. My son is NOT a ‘sleep-away’ camp kid yet. Daycamps are currently the way to go. Every summer I mix and match camps so that his vacation days do not become mundane and boring. But you certainly have to register early because some of those programs fill up fast! In fact, the ones I’ve got my little man in already have limited spacing!

Well, this year, be it ONLY May 6th, I’ve already registered him in 3 weeks of day camp……a whole $630 later!!!! Talk about crazy! I still have 3 more to pay for! Fortunately I’ll be taking a week off and he’ll be hanging out with my folks for another week which certainly lightens the financial strain. Seriously though, what else is a parent to do? Your child needs to be cared for during the months that they are not in school? As a single, working mother, camp shines through as one of the best answers…especially for a school-age child.

But you know, in the long run, I guess it’s worth it. He makes new friends, he trys new things, I know that he is being looked after, he’s not sitting in from of the tv or being bored out of his mind. I remember his little sun-kissed face last year when I’d pick him up from the bus every day and he anxiously told me of the ‘cool’ stuff they did that day. It makes him happy, and that makes me happy.

What are your plans for your little one(s) this summer?

(photo courtesy of Lasertag.org)

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