Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It’s all about the testosterone!

Last night was my son’s return to football. After a 5 week break, spring-ball full tackle football has started. Granted my son is just a Myte (the youngest division), but man, do they still hit awfully hard!

It was this time last year that he began this journey. I already knew for a couple of years that he wanted to play…we were just waiting until he was old enough to join the league. I’m a strong believer in participating in SOMETHING active (particularly a team sport because it teaches you so much). Well, my son chose football. Spring ball was a good move because it taught him the basics and prepared him for the fall…when it was more competitive and BRUTALLY physical.

I cringed each time my little man got knocked over, but admired him as he picked himself up every time. To add to my dismay, he was the youngest…and smallest on the team, both seasons…but that did not deter him. Nor did it have an effect on his team mates. It was sweet how they took him under their wings, protected him on the field and patted him on the back for his trials. He has charisma and determination and won the respect of his team. Now we get to start it all over again….

Proud mama…can you tell…..?

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