Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So sleepy.....

Will I ever have a good night's sleep again?

I can't remember the last time I had a solid, restful night's sleep. Nope, it's not the worry. Nope, it's not the caffeine.....what ever could it be? Hmmmmmm.......

Let's see....could it be either the little person stirring me because of a bad dream, or the dog who has taken up snoring, or the stuffy nose (thank you Ms. Spring Allergies), or is it because my body has decided a 2am pee is mandatory, or maybe it's just because my body decides to yell "WAKE UP BRAIN...LET'S DRIVE HER CRAZY FOR A LITTLE WHILE" I can say with my whole heart...thank heavens for coffee!

When did you get your last good, solid night's sleep?

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QTMama said...

SLEEP? What's that? OH wait, wait, I think I may remember. I use to do some of that before my daughter was born I think.